Sunday, June 23, 2013

Freebsd on the Rasberry Pi

As of late i've been doing alot of work with freebsd from converting all of my centos servers over to freebsd. Now its time to get freebsd running on the rasberry pi.  Installing FreeBsd on the rasberry pi was pretty simple. I took the following steps in order to get freebsd installed on the pi.

Step 1 ->  get an image i used the following image FreeBSD-HEAD-r249996-ARMv6-RPI-B-WIFI-3GB.img.tgz. Open a web browser and go to the folllowing url, or if your a command line buff like my self lol :) you can run the following command

Step2 -> Extract the downloaded image

Step3 -> Umount the SD card

Step4 -> Copy the image to the SD  card using the dd utility (Unix/linux/Mac)  as for windows im not sure what utility to use , but can take care of this issue for you :).

Step5-> Unmount the SD card Again

Once the above steps have been completed, boot up the rasberry pi and bingo you will see the following screen. NOTE: username:pi   password:raspberry  once logged in you can su to root

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  1. For windows users: Win32DiskImager should do the job, as far as i know its basically a dd for windows.